Where else in the world can guests choose an ancient Geode, crack it into two neat halves and be the first person ever to see the thousands of glittering crystals inside?Welcome to “Crack a Geode”, exclusive to The Crystal Caves!One of the most unique activities in the Fascinating Facets Gift Shop, Crack a Geode is something that appeals to people of all ages, from toddlers to senior citizens. Understanding that no one has ever seen the beauty that lies hidden within these geodes, created by nature millions of years ago is a thrill indeed.
Guests choosing to Crack a Geode take home the two neat halves as truly unique souvenirs together with a collection of information about Geodes generally, and the crystals that lie within their very own Geode.Visitors are guaranteed that the Geode they choose will be hollow, and have crystals inside so they really can’t lose!

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