No ordinary Gift Shop, Fascinating Facets presents a combination of exquisite jewellery, gemstones, magnificent crystals, fossils and mineral specimens in a unique gallery atmosphere. Most items are directly imported by Fascinating Facets from locations around the world, making them quite exclusive and not seen anywhere else.

Fascinating Facets mission is to present only natural treasures, whether gemstone jewellery, exclusive hand carved sculptures in Jade, Lapis Lazuli and Agate, or beautiful mineral specimens and fossils. A spacious, relaxed atmosphere encourages browsing, and marvelling at the extensive displays of rarely seen natural wonders.

Many Guests to The Crystal Caves actually spend as much time browsing among the jewellery, crystals and mineral specimens in the Fascinating Facets Gift Shop as they do in The Caves below. Included in the Fascinating Facets Gift Shop are the “Crack-a-Geode” experience, and also the Amethyst room.

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