The Crystal Caves is a natural history museum displaying the private collection of rock hound René Boissevain. Hundreds of crystals, gemstones, fossils and rocks from all corners of the globe are exhibited in a maze of tunnel and grottos which René has built.

This most unexpected museum will introduce you his passion for what Mother Nature created millions of years ago. Donning a helmet with a light, you meander freely through 5 independent grottos filled with crystals of all shapes and sizes. Linked with tunnels and chambers, you come upon sections with names like ‘Calcite Cavern’, ‘Grotto Grande’ and ‘Fairytale’.

René is a colourful character who believes that treasures from the earth should be displayed in a fun and exploratory way, so he has created an experience which makes discovering the mineralogical world of crystals exciting and interactive. Most surprisingly is that you are encouraged to touch! Run your fingers over the cold hard surface of a massive Pyrite crystal, feel the roughness of a Selenite desert rose, take a seat on the edge of the Rose Quartz fountain or rest upon a petrified tree stump. Photo opportunities abound in The Crystal Caves and with free wifi inside the museum sharing with your friends can be instant.

Like any true collector, the displays in the museum continue to grow as René continues to travel the world in search of the most spectacular crystals. From Agate Creek to Mexico, India to Africa, Morocco to Russia and, of course, Brazil and Uruguay, René deals with miners and gemhunters of the world.

Touring the museum will take at least 45 minutes, but with over 600 specimens to look at, you could get lost in there for hours.

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