Crystal Fountain of Love

Conceived by our founders and owners, René and Nelleke Boissevain, who wondered what would happen if we put over four tonnes of Rose Quartz (The Stone of Love) together in the one place, and made a spectacular water feature with it!

Why “The stone of Love”? – for centuries Rose Quartz has been known as THE stone that is inseparably associated with love, romance and passion. Rose Quartz is be- lieved by many to have powerful magical properties that open the heart for love, giving softness to the most hardened of hearts. Rose Quartz is said to not only to exert a powerful influence over the love between couples, but also between family members and close friends. In fact many believe that Rose Quartz plays an important role in strengthening love of oneself, of self confidence and in gain- ing perspective on life in general.

The Romans considered Rose Quartz to be a powerful healing stone and the Egyptians wore it to delay the process of aging, so the stone has a real history!

Rose Quartz is also said to aid in easing emotional trauma, and all of these properties are enhanced when the stone is kept close to the skin.

To fulfil our dream of a Rose Quartz feature here at The Crystal Caves, we spent many hours talking to our agents in Brazil, making sure that they selected good quality stones of the right sizes. We needed over four tonnes of these stones of love! Now that its all complete, we are proud to offer our guests the opportunity to absorb all the magic, and enjoy this rather special exhibition of beautiful Rose Quartz.

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